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Examining Digital Literacy Practices on Social Network Sites.

The third element of data collection involved a time-use diary, which I adapted from Hart-Davidson (2007), who developed them as a means to visualize the different documents that made up a workplace writing project. best website to buy instagram followers I asked Ronnie to complete a time-use diary for three “average days” in order for me to visualize how his social network site use was distributed across his daily activities. I asked him to record the time of the event, the message and its purpose, and the technology through which the message was sent (mobile phone vs. computer,During one of our initial interviews, Ronnie took me on a “profile tour”,social network site accounts. The profile tours were recorded using video screen capture software, a popular means through which to research digital writing practices. (See, e.g., Geisler and Slattery, 2007.) The information discussed in the profile tour gave me an overall sense of how Ronnie perceived his own identity representation online, some history behind that representation, and his perspective on what those representations meant to him. Collecting data from these various sources allowed me to develop a multifaceted picture of literate activity in connection with social network sites. The research interviews, for example, allowed me to gauge my own interpretations of comments Ronnie posted online, as well as to gain background information unavailable in the textual activity I recorded. Through the time-use diary, I was able to track literate activity as it was embedded within Ronnie’s daily use of social network sites. The profile tour greatly assisted in my overall view of how Ronnie represented himself online and how each of these different sites worked together within this ecology of practice.

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What are the dangers of using Facebook, other social networking sites?

The two main dangers of Facebook are that an identity fraudster could steal your identity, or a hacker could compromise your business by compromising one of your staff. This might be achieved by coercion (dodgy photos of work nights out?) or by using the information they disclose to set up a compromise of their laptop or PC.One word of advice for the employer -- buy 500 instagram followers if you do allow Facebook access at work, block Facebook email using mail filters. At least then you don't have the problem of staff using work email addresses for Facebook. This simple step will then prevent the hacker from making the link between the user and the company they work for.Think about what information is in your profile. What would be useful in stealing your identity? Date of birth, address, email address, employer, interests. why does this type of information need to be on your profile? Everyone that knows you is likely to know this information already! Those who don't know you don't need to know it.

We can consider the literacy practices Ronnie cultivated on social network sites through his enactment of various aspects of his identity. Through a discussion of the ways in which Ronnie represented himself within different “communities of practice” (Lave & Wenger, 1991) and negotiated site interfaces, buy followers and likes on instagramI demonstrate how Ronnie filtered and processed his offline life through his online activities. I focus on two primary aspects of Ronnie’s literacy practices on social network sites within these ecologies of practice: 1) Ronnie’s identity representations within different communities of practice, and 2) his interactions with the site interfaces. Ronnie is of Irish and Chinese descent, plays the bass in the orchestra, is an avid blogger, has experience with web design and coding, and is an informatics minor. Social media is both a personal and academic interest of his, and he considers himself an expert user. At the time of the data collection, Ronnie had profiles on the following social network sites: Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, MySpace,

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